About me.

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I am the founder and creator of NOT ALL ABOUT ME, co-founder of SIBLE and the proud mum of two energetic little boys aged seven and three. An advocate of sustainability and promoting a healthy mindset within the fashion industry.

In 2004 I started my 8-year journey as a fashion buyer for various global high street retailers which to my delight in 2012, progressed into another 8-year journey of fashion trend forecasting, creating new opportunities and broadening my understanding of fashion and consumer mindsets. My career has allowed me to continue my passion for travel, experiencing new cultures and building valuable skill sets along the way developing and forecasting trend-driven fashion for thousands of women.

Launching notallaboutme.com and siblecup.com (and attempting to be a homeschooling parent), during the COVID 19 lockdown in 2020, has been a challenging test for my resilience, patience and energy levels! I continue to learn new elements of who I am, continuously developing new skills in the hope to turn my experience into one that, encourages sustainability with my new venture SIBLE and influences more diversity within the fashion industry through NOT ALL ABOUT ME.

If you are interested in learning more about my work you can find me on linkedin, or click here to contact me:

Author: Claire Hillard

Fashion Forecaster & Writer, Founder and Creator of notallaboutme and Co-Founder of Siblecup.