Women Who Inspire: Chloe Miles

On a quest to find people on Instagram with a healthy approach to Fashion and Body Positivity, there are actually plenty. A whole world of inspiring creatives and personalities all striving to promote a message of positive mental health and self-love is there once you go looking for it. They are a refreshing find amongst the sea of filtered perfection that Instagram can often be labelled for.

One person who stands out due to her sustainable, minimalist approach to fashion, her openness to tell the story of her own grief she has gone through, and her modest styled selfies is Chloe Miles.
Chloe Miles is a Brighton based style influencer and owner of the Slow Vintage Shop. She combines her values of slow fashion with vintage, a dream! Styling vintage clothes that have longevity in her wardrobe because of their minimalist fashion nature, Chloe creates stylish yet simple outfit ideas easily adaptable for many followers. Her vintage shop has its own following with an equally healthy approach, offering British vintage and second-hand clothing, breaking the mould that no one larger than a size 10 can wear vintage clothes by offering sizes to suit all body shapes, hooray!

With an open and honest approach to fashion and life, she shares tips on becoming more sustainable, “helping women to feel good and buy less.” Like most people, Chloe has her own journey of body insecurities and personal trauma. Her 26 Instagram stories cover a multitude of topics, including acne, anxiety, and grief. With such a genuine and honest approach to her social media presence Chloe is most definitely inspiring and comforting. Thank you, Chloe, for featuring as the very first woman who inspires us at NAAMe!

You can follow Chloe on Instagram @chloehelenmiles and @slowvintageshop

Author: Claire Hillard

Fashion Forecaster & Writer, Founder and Creator of notallaboutme and Co-Founder of Siblecup.