Who Am I?

Claire Hillard, a fashion consultant, focusing on “Fashion with a healthy mindset”, including sustainability, slow fashion, diversity and inclusivity. My background spans 16 years of working for global retailers as a buyer and trend forecaster, providing me with a diverse understanding of the retail industry, from the design and manufacturing processes through to consumer shopping patterns and sales analysis, forecasting trends, and a wealth of experience in product and fabric development. I have worked internationally for companies that include The Fast Retailing Group, Primark and Marks & Spencers.
Notallaboutme.com combines a fashion consultancy service for retailers and suppliers with fashion articles for the consumer. Sustainability and the circular economy are a huge part of my research, building relationships with influential figures and retail brands making changes within the industry.

My Story

As a little girl growing up in the eighties, most weekends, my Mum and Gran would take me to as many market stalls, jumble sales and high street sales they could find for an affordable fashion fix. Driven by a lack of budget clothing brands at the time, they raised me to shop smart, find bargains, and restyle old clothes. I had no idea then that their spirit and love for Fashion would stay within me to become a passion of mine, always looking to be fulfilled one way or another.

I went on to study fashion design at university, starting my career working in Fashion in 2004. After years of buying and trend forecasting fast Fashion, in 2019, I decided to change my career path into a more sustainable one, take inspiration from my roots, and create NAAMe focusing on Fashion with a healthy mindset. This set me on a path of determination to discover how my experience could support the industry in becoming more sustainable, making less impact on the environment.

A Sustainable Future

As a mother of two energetic little boys, it became more and more important for me to channel my work towards a more sustainable future for my children. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, having a detrimental effect on water consumption, CO2 emissions, and landfill. I am passionate about helping make a change, exploring and researching new ways in which Fashion can overcome the challenges to become more sustainable, focusing on the opportunities it holds and the importance of doing so for the future of our planet and the next generations to come.


I co-founded Sible Ltd in 2019 with a good friend of mine, Verity Barrett. Sible is a small sustainable start-up company selling travel cups to reduce the use of single-use plastic. We donate 5% of profits to the UK charity Just One Ocean to support the incredible work they do researching and campaigning against the effects of plastic that ends up in our oceans each year.

Visit www.siblecup.com to find out more about our story and shop Sible product.

You can also follow us on Instagram @siblecup.

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