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Sustainable Fashion


Strategic, fashion-forward, commercial, and sustainable. All research, analysis, and product development is bespoke to your business with a strategic approach, focusing on sustainability and slow fashion trends best suited to elevate your brand.

I have a diverse understanding of the retail industry, from the design and manufacturing processes through to consumer shopping patterns and sales analysis, forecasting trends, and a wealth of experience in product and fabric development. I understand the challenges of how creating sustainable strategies can significantly affect important parts of the business. I will work with you to identify the best solutions to creating a sustainable product range, identifying how they can be profitable, attracting more customers for the future.

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Diversity & Inclusivity


Diversity and Inclusivity concentrate on a fashion for all mindset, focusing on topics such as gender-neutrality and body positivity, which is fast-growing in importance for current and future generations. We will look at what these topics mean for your brand and identify the new opportunities within your product ranges.

My experience covers 16 years of development in all clothing product categories, footwear, accessories, fabric, print and colour. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss in more detail how we could work together.

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Product Development & Range Building


Strategic product development and range building is available identifying the key items that will make your brand stand out by offering versatile and dynamic pieces your customer can wear in their wardrobe time and time again.

I can also work directly with suppliers on product and fabric development in line with your expectations to help support the product development process and reduce sampling.

Presentations & Reports


Presentations are available in person or virtually to teams of all levels within your business. I have experience working internationally, adapting the way I communicate my work according to the audience I am presenting to.

Trend analysis and market research is available in presentation or PDF format, offering in-depth research of the emerging sustainable and slow fashion trends across women’s apparel, fabric, print and colour.



NAAMe offers articles that focus on fashion with a healthy mindset, including slow fashion, sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity.

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Contact: or +447783370744