Who Am I?

Claire Hillard, creator, and founder of NAAMe providing trends and insights for the Fashion Industry. My background spans 16 years of working for global retailers as a buyer and trend forecaster, providing me with a diverse understanding of consumer shopping patterns, a commercial and fashion-forward eye for slow fashion trends, and a creative yet strategic approach to my work. I have worked for The Fast Retailing Group, Primark, Marks & Spencers, House of Fraser, and River Island.

My Story

As a little girl growing up in the eighties, most weekends I remember my Mum and Gran pulling me around as many market stalls and jumble sales as they could find. Given any opportunity, Mum would also take me to all the high street sales for an affordable fashion fix. Driven by a lack of budget clothing brands at the time, she raised me to shop smart, find bargains, and restyle old clothes. I loved it! I had no idea then that, when she passed away with breast cancer when I was 19, sadly also followed shortly by my Gran, that their spirit and love for Fashion would stay within me to become a passion of mine that would live on forever, always looking to be fulfilled one way or another.

As I grew up, I studied European Fashion Design at university, with a year in Milan, starting my first role in Fashion buying in 2004 and first Trend Forecasting Role in 2012. Forward to 2019, with years of experience, I decided to change my career path, take inspiration from my roots, and created NAAMe. An online platform delivering slow fashion trends for retailers and fashion articles with a healthy mindset, focusing on social trends and topics such as sustainability, body positivity, diversity and mental health.

Work-life balance

As a mother of two energetic little boys, I also founded NAAMe in the hope to create a happier, more flexible, work-life balance for myself and my family. I’m not sure any parent finds it easy to create the “perfect” work-life balance, but my hope is that NAAMe will allow me to juggle my career whilst being a mum, introducing flexible working into my life.


Another venture, I am delighted to be part of is a small start-up business called Sible. In 2019 a very good friend of mine, Verity Barrett, approached me to start selling sustainable, collapsible travel cups. It was perfect timing, an idea I was passionate about straight away and a great way to focus my energy, setting me on the path I’d been looking for. We launched Sible Ltd. in May 2020 during the lockdown, and despite the launch timing being an additional challenge in itself, thankfully, it continues to be an exciting part of my journey so far.

Visit www.siblecup.com to find out more about, or follow us on Instagram @siblecup.

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